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Window Blinds

Huge Selection of Window Blinds

Your windows open up any space giving you a glimpse to the outside world; and of course, windows will brighten up a room while adding an element of style and beauty. As beautiful as they can be, most people don’t want to leave their windows bare, for various reasons.

We offer durable and energy efficient window blinds to spruce up your space. As strange as this sounds, they are good for your health thanks to their ability to block out 99% of UV rays.

Window blinds have been adapted to suit the changing landscape of interior design, and now more than ever, you can find a huge selection of previously unfathomable varieties. While at one time they were distinctly different from curtains and offered a sharp, office look, blinds are now available in so many textures, patterns and styles that they seem to be the most suitable choice for even the most formal rooms in a residence.

There are plenty of styles that you can choose from. If you’re out shopping for blinds in the Ottawa area, here are just some of the styles that we have to offer.


Alternating Shades

Alternating shades, otherwise known as dual shades, are wonderful options to modernize your home. Re-imagined to breathe new life into roller blinds, they possess a sleek look and unique functionality. They can be adjusted to provide the user partial or complete privacy thanks to their two layers of alternating horizontal sheer fabrics at the front and back, which gives it an aesthetic striping pattern. This might be exactly what you need to give your room that extra “oomph”!

Roller Blinds

Roller shades come available in different opacities, from blackout, light filtering, and transparent fabrics. As their name suggests, roller blinds can be completely rolled up so that there is nothing to obstruct your view or prevent light from shining into a room. You can also easily adjust the amount of light that should pass through the blinds. All of our blinds are available in alternating shades, silhouettes, and cellular shades.

roller shades

roman blinds

Roman Blinds

The Roman blinds are an exquisite variation of the typical blind, normally made of plastic or similar material. In contrast, the Roman blinds are constructed with fabric and thin rods that can be made out of a variety of materials, like wood or plastic. These rods help in the construction of the pulley system that gives the fabric its blind appearance. As with other styles of blinds, you are free to choose any fabric you want when custom designing. The simplicity of Roman blinds is what makes them so attractive to many homeowners.

Mini Blinds

These are perhaps the most common types of blinds in that they are very versatile. These blinds are made up of horizontal slates attached in succession to each other. Their attachment allows the user to rotate them, so that they can either open or close in order to allow for light to shine through or create shade. Also called Venetian blinds, they are available in one or two inch slats in aluminum, faux wood, or real wood.

mini blinds

cellular shades

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades, are incredibly versatile window treatments. They are uniquely designed in that they are composed of “cells” which are honeycomb-shaped open air channels in between the shades. As a result, these shades are very energy efficient, as air gets trapped in the cells, making it more difficult for it to pass through the shades. They help you keep your home cool during the hotter months and warmer during colder months, minimizing the use of air conditioning and heating systems.

Silhouette Shades

Otherwise known as sheer horizontal shades or Vienna shades, silhouette shades give a soothing glow and ambient lighting to any room, making for a relaxing atmosphere. What’s unique about them is that the vanes are in between two sheer fabrics which allow the shades to simultaneously filter out harsh sunlight coming from outside and provide privacy. You can adjust the vanes or slats to the exact angle you prefer. In addition to its functional value, we have several style options to match the design of your room.

silouhette shades