If you are unfamiliar with what exactly makes a custom window treatment so different from its ready-made counterpart, the following might be useful to read before you start the custom design process.

The following are some of the most important advantages of purchasing custom, not off the shelf :

Tailored to your needs. Custom window treatments are made especially for your room the way you'd like. Ready-made window coverings are designed to please the majority of consumers and therefore does not provide the exclusive look that a custom blind or drapery would offer.

A wise investment. On average, consumers who purchased custom window treatments keep them on their windows for seven years. Ready-made counterpart are changed every two to four years. The quality of custom window treatments is better, but going after the look that you really want instead of the look that is available will also keep you happy with your room for many years longer. Many of our clients tell us what a relief it is to finally see a custom window treatment on their windows. Unique window treatments are not easy to find if you're looking for a specific look to fit your room.

See it to believe it. We all know the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Unfortunately, with custom window treatments, that saying doesn't quite apply. Many of the factors that make a custom window treatment so extra special can't be seen in a picture. We have however provided numerous sample pictures of the window treatments that you are seeking to purchase.

Custom window treatments will give your room a breathtaking “WOW” factor. You and your guests will automatically be in awe by the beauty of your windows.

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